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It is a fact that until a company, firm, or business get registered under the New Companies Act 2013 or other corresponding act such as LLP act 2008, it is not considered under a legal activity. We all need to get it registered to become a reliable and trusted source where other people can rely upon to get your service or products. The company that is not registered as per the constitutional terms and conditions is not eligible to access any of the judicial advantages.

Being an active entrepreneur, everyone should be prepared for any of the illegal efforts made by the third party to get into your business privacies and confidentialities with a motive to misuse or infringe it. To stay secured from such risks of getting your company private documents from being hacked, it is necessary to register the company after satisfying all the eligibility criteria. Company registration gives you the power and resources to deal with the same ill-treat concerns and to administer a smooth & successful business after eliminating the chances of corporate uncertainty. No matter to which sector, you are planning to start the new company registration is an indispensable part.

Establishing a business is stated to be a new company registration when all the details, comprising plans and goal following the organization is being deposited to the associated authorization under the Indian New Companies Act 2013. We are here to assist those who are planning for Pvt ltd company registration in India and looking for some guidance and reference about how to make it done bost cost-effectively, and headache freely.

What Makes Our Services Unique?

We are working as the business consultants, no matter you are planning to start a new business or already running a well working company, we are here to assist you out. If you are a well-established company, we can guide you with the best possible alternatives to drive more business and leads, which eventually boost your efficiency and revenue. In case you are looking for new company registration, our team of experts can assist you in building a robust infrastructure. We have the professionals to help you with all the legal formalities associated with company registration and also in establishing a strong company foundation.

Here, we are happy to begin with, the law agency that is concentrated in new firm registration in all domain of working differing from Pvt Ltd company registration in India, sole proprietorship, LLP registration, one person company, private company, section 8 company, Public company, One Person Company, limited company, and a wide range of firms registrations that are possible. Here below, we discussed all the particular and reliable aspects of the process of new company registration and the complete procedure to follow and the steps included in it.

We are in the profession for decades and are working as a team of professionals who are the kings of their own field. Irrespective of the issues you are facing in Pvt Ltd company registration in India, our team of experienced solicitors and lawyers are always available to help you out. We are not just claiming to offer an unmatched level of services satisfaction; we have proved it while catering hundreds of happy clients around the globe. You can either visit our portfolio or testimonial to reach a few of the highly satisfied clients. You can also ask them how we have resolved all their business registration complexities with our knowledge and expertise.

The Process of New Company Registration in India

As per the New Companies Act 2013, a wide range of rules and regulations are required to be considered for registering a new firm. Its processing process is very strict, and you need to satisfy all the criteria explicitly. Many of the times, not all the companies are eligible to qualify all these strict criteria; some alternatives can be taken into the action. We are discussing the eligibility criteria below; in case you are not meeting any of them, you can contact us for the alternatives:

  • You need to satisfy the requirements of maximum and a minimum number of directors or partners. These numbers vary based on the type of new company registration you are planning.
  • Complete information about bondholders and require specifying the least investment needed for the opening or commencing a business/ firm in India.
  • Require Digital Signature Certificate in the approval of associates while appealing for new company registration.
  • Need DIN regarding every partner or director for appealing for registering a new firm.
  • Have to submit all the other papers such as AOA/ MOA as per the requirement.