Filing returns is a sign of responsibility. The government mandates that individuals who earn a specified amount of annual income must file a tax returnwithin a pre-determined due date.Failure to pay tax will invite penalties from the Income Tax Department.Filing returns is mandatory in some cases.If you want to claim adjustment against past losses, a return is necessary. Filing returns may prove useful in case of revised returns.

Tax Consultant in Pune

Are you Goggling Income tax consultant near me? If yes, you are at the perfect place where all your associated tax issues will be resolved. We are a team of tax consultants that are backed with huge expertise, advanced training, and knowledge of Income tax return filing services rule and regulations. They are also known as tax advisors, who are expert in all over things of income tax and return taxes. They are serving the fee payable for the business and big organization. You can call him as tax preparer because their work was retaining the extra charge on the income tax. They have extraordinary knowledge about tax and returns. They are working for a public accountant firm, or maybe they have worked as an individual.

They also work for a client to makes sure that client tax liability is minimized. He has secure communication in both written and verbal. They can expand about tax strategy and planning. Our Tax consultants in Pune work for public account firm, law office, financial office, privet office. Many of them have personal tax consultant business. The tax return is an arduous process, and it is time-consuming and difficult. As a businessman, you don't have so much time to spend on tax billing.

Tax Consultant Duties

  • Preparing tax return
  • Estate planning
  • Keeping client compliant
  • Strategy with the client to minimize tax
  • Research on tax

The producing written part is the most challenging work in these jobs. As a tax consultant, you have to communicate with their client and customer. It is essential for finding including tax law and creates a new strategy for income tax. In this business, many clients are affected by the same issue than the tax consultant can solve problems.

What is the tax consultancy?

For the many people filling the income tax is a problem; that's why they hire a tax consultant. Change law tends to change regulation of income tax, many individual and people in business are unaware of how to deduction of the tax bill. The average taxpayer makes a mistake to identify the real strategy of income tax in case he pays may be underpayment and overpayment. If he did not pay in the right condition, then it is offensive against the law. He may be filled with penalties.

We as leading Income tax consultants in Pune are here to providing you excellent consulting service and information about how to pay tax in the right direction. A good tax consultant knows about all government tax law. They can advise reducing the chances of audit that could be lead in conflict with RBI. The tax consultant is collecting all the document on behalf of their client.

Tax Consultant / Tax Preparer

A tax preparer is who prepare income tax form like, 1040 or 1040 EZ. The tax consultancy is preparing a short training program. Which is used for the client to understand what they do when some serious problem arrives. The customer needs to understand useful things regarding income tax.

What is the benefit of a tax consultant?

We are a team of Tax advisers and Tax consultants in Pune that are experts in creating a strategy and planning for reducing income tax. A tax consultant is who helps you to protect yourself from an income tax problem. You know that the tax consultant works for a public accounting firm as a law office, financial work. Now we will go to tell some benefit of having a tax consultant.

  • You have saved more time to preparing tax returns
  • A tax consultant will strategize with a client to tax deduction
  • They are Communicating with the client to explain tax issues and problem
  • They are updating the client about tax laws and new income tax practice
  • They are useful in their work; they are keeping your complaint with their obligation
  • They plan for every situation
  • They are building a good structure for minimizing tax liability.
  • The main work of the tax officer they preparing your all information document, it is too hard
  • They will be meeting their client to understand him, then how are changing tax legislation
  • They have work with revenue provision

If someone attempts to file in his office for tax return in the company, it may be complicated and hard for them. For any Income tax return filing services, you can contact us; we will be glad to help you out. It is essential to recruit a tax consultant who can efficiently work for you and clear your taxes. It may save your time, and you for very people in business the time is the essential thing. If you don't want to waste your time. You have to recruit a tax consultant.


ITR-1(Sahaj) is for an individual whose total income doesn't exceed Rs.50 Lakh having income from salary/one house property/income from other sources.


ITR-2 is for an individual/HUF where the total income does not include income derived from a proprietary business or profession.


ITR-3 is for an individual/HUF having income from a proprietary business or profession.


ITR-4(Sugam)is for an individual/HUF/Firm(other than LLP) deriving business income and such income is computedin accordance with special provisions referred to in section 44AD, 44ADA or 44AE.


ITR-5 is for AOPs and BOIs or any other person(not being individual or HUF or company or to whom ITR-7 is applicable.


ITR-6 is for Companies other than companies claiming exemption under section 11


ITR-7 is for persons including companies required to furnish return under section 139(4A)/(4B)/(4C)/(4D).