Limited Liability Partnership Registration

A limited liability partnership (LLP) is a partnership in which some or all partners (depending on the jurisdiction) have limited liabilities. It exhibit elements of partnerships and corporations.

In an LLP, each partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. In an LLP, some or all partners have a form oIn an LLP, some or all partners have a form of limited liability similar to that of the shareholders of a corporation similar to that of the shareholders of a corporation.

LLP was originated in India by way of the LLP Act, 2008. The fundamental assumption behind the foundation of Limited Liability Partnership is to offer a type of enterprise entity, which is easy to operate while granting limited liability to the enterprise founders. Since, its inception in the year 2010, Limited Liability Partnerships have been well supported with more than one lakhs Limited liability partnership registration till 2014 and the number is expanding with each passing day.

The central benefit of an LLP over any other form of Partnership Company is that in an LLP, the liability or responsibility of a partner's negligence or misconduct does not apply to another partner. A Limited Liability Partnership also offers limited liability stability for the partners from the obligations of the LLP. Consequently, all associates in an LLP enjoy a kind of limited liability stability for the security of every partner, just like to that of the stockholders of a Pvt Ltd firm. Though, unlike Pvt Ltd company stockholder, the associates of an LLP have the authority to administer the company undeviatingly.

Limited Liability Partnership is among the simplest business forms to consolidate and operate in India. With a simple process of Limited liability partnership registration and easy agreement conventionalities, LLP is favored by Specialists, Small & Micro-enterprises that are closely-held or owned by the family. Since Limited Liability Partnerships are not competent in circulating equity shares, LLP should be adopted for any company that has strategies for climbing equity funds throughout its lifecycle.

We are working as a leader in serving the services associated with LLP registration Pune. In appreciation to registering an LLP, our team of professionals also provides a wide range of firm registration services such as the registration of a one-person company, Nidhi Company, private limited company, Producer Company, Indian Subsidiary, and Section 8 Company. The time needed for an LLP company registration Pune is around 15 to 20 days, subordinate to the submission of customer documents, and processing time of government.

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LLP Features

  • The Limited liability partnership has a single separate entity.
  • At least two partners or directors are needed.
  • The correlative responsibilities & authorities of LLP and its associates shall be administered by the agreement that is made for Limited liability partnership registration between LLP and its partners & between various partners.
  • There are no headaches of like contributing minimum capital.
  • Stipulation for Pvt Ltd Companies/ Firms/ Unlisted firms to transform into The Limited liability partnerships.

How to Register LLP in India

  • Acquire Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Get the approval for the name of Limited liability partnership firm
  • Consolidation of (comprising DIN Application)
  • Application Processing of the LLP
  • Apply for TAN
  • Apply for PAN
  • Filing after preparing the required agreement for LLP
  • Register for the GST of your LLP

Benefits of Registering an LLP Firm


LLP registration Pune is the process of legalizing a firm by registering it. It is a separate legal entity that can purchase, lease, rent, hires staff, own assets, gets into agreements, and be retained answerable if required to do so. The LLP partners are not individually accountable for the LLP liabilities.


It is not hard and fast to conduct yearly statutory conferences/ meetings.


The associates or directors have limited liability and are accountable only to the scope of their participation in the partnership. This notion of LLP company registration Pune shields the member assets from business debts.


Limited liability partnership has a decentralized administration structure that turns it more suitable for the entity of a business where all partners desire the same administration authorities.


In an LLP, the partners are of two types – appointed & non-appointed Associates. One can manage the Limited liability partnership with varying membership levels.


A Limited liability partnership registration enables its partners to enter and leave with no burden associated with the tax. The LLP members are charged for the tax immediately as if they had gained their share of profits from the LLP. Their tax is not compared to the withdrawal funds from the company by them. The company itself gives any returns or tax on the earnings.



all inclusive fees

LLP registration with 2 DSC, 2 DIN, LLP deed drafting, name approval, PAN, TAN, government fees for incorporation and tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE.


all inclusive fees

LLP registration with 2 DSC, 2 DIN, LLP deed drafting, name approval, PAN, TAN, government fees for incorporation, MSME Registration, and tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE and Consulatncy on business setup upto 2 hours.