Partnership Firm Registration in Pune

Partnership as an association of two or more persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business which they run together. This business may be carried on by all or anyone of them acting for all.

The persons who own the partnership business are individually called ‘partners’ and collectively they are called as ‘firm’ or ‘partnership firm’. The name under which partnership business is carried on is called ‘Firm Name’. In a way, the firm is nothing but an abbreviation for partners.

In India partnership, frim is the most popular business. Partnership and proprietorship are considered to be the most prestigious firm in India. When a company is a registered customer is avail server benefit. The organization is not mandatory to register all over the partnership firm.

In this article, we are looking at the detail and benefit of the partnership. We are going to dig into all over the aspect of the partnership firm registration procedure.

In a partnership firm, you can avail to all benefit that you can go for a partnership firm registration Pune; you need to draft a partnership deed. The draft document is essential because it carries your name and address of the partnership. And it is also taking business nature, business place, capital contribution; it brings all of your detail like loss and profit.

You can handle it easily. It is shearing your partnership remuneration payment.

Establishment of the partnership firm

  • Creating a partnership deed
  • A partnership deed is to produce your mutual understanding with your partner and your firm.
  • Print the documentation
  • You make sure the deed have to be print in stamp paper of a minimum of RS 500
  • Obtaining your signature
  • The deed document is to be signed by the entire partner and all legal members on the last page.
  • Payment mode
  • You can make payment online or offline, but you have to b secured online debt on the with GRAS website

Document required for Partnership Firm Registration

The following text is necessary to register of partnership firm in Pune

  • Pan card
  • Adar card
  • Id proof
  • Passport size photo

Required information for Partnership Firm Registration

  • Name of the firm
  • Main place of the firm
  • Duration of the firm
  • Detail of the firm
  • The aspect of the partner firm
  • Partnership name and detail

The partner has to free for choosing the name of the firm. But you have to follow some condition in the choosing name.

  • The name should not alike to another partnership firm that can ruin the reputation of another firm. You have to aware yourself in choosing the name to register of partnership firm in Pune.
  • The name should not contain any illegal issues like an emperor, empress, and world meaning.

Partnership Firm Registration Application procedure

The Indian government has three-way to fill your application. Online, offline, service center. In this way, you can fill your form to register of partnership firm in Pune


An application has to login into Indiana or state government portal to register online. Once you log in the application page is directly open. You can fill you all detail in the application. Just you are following the procedure of the online application.


  • Choose your application name: - you will choose your registration name for your application.
  • Obtaining a digital signature: - after this, you will create your numeric name in your application.
  • Drafting: -you will be draft your application to register of partnership firm in Pune
  • Fee payment: - dome your payment procedure

Common service center

You have another option to send your request. You can submit your application through e-Mitra or municipal officer.

The partnership is the essential form of business organization where many people run their business together.

Agreement between partners

The deed is the partnership document between partners .in this document all over detail fill by a partner like right, duties, profit, shear, and another same important aspect.

The deed is the essential thing which beware the conflict in the future. It can be written or oral but the front of legal adviser just because in future.

Special Details about Partnership Firm Registration

  • That is specific detail is mention below to avoid any conflict in the future.
  • Salaries, commissions, or any additional amount which is payable in the future.
  • Right, this thing is most important in partnership firm registration Pune, you make sure what are your right and your partner too. You can adequately mention in the documentation that what is your reason and how you can use your power in your organization. In case you do not do that thing in this document. It raises chances to conflict in the future so that you can mention all detail in the document firm.
  • Make sure our and your partner percentile it.


all inclusive fees

Basic partnership deed drafting by a Company Secteratry and tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE.


all inclusive fees

Basic partnership deed drafting by a Company Secteratry and tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE + 2 hous consultancy on Taxation and business + Pan Application + Selfinking Rubber Stamp