Public Limited company Registration

A limited company grants limited liability to its owners and management. Being a public company allows a firm to sell shares to investors this is benificial in raising capital. A minimum of three Directors are required for establishing a Public Limited Company and it has more stringent regulatory requirements compared to a Private Limited Company.

Public Limited Companies are those types of companies where minimum number of members is seven and there is no cap on the maximum number of members. A public limited company has most of the characteristics of a private limited company. A public limited company has all the advantages of private limited company and the ability to have any number of members, ease in transfer of shareholding and more transparency. Identifying marks of a public limited company are name, number of members, shares, formation, management, directors and meetings, etc..

Registering a Public Limited Company has turned out to be the most favored choice of entity small, medium, and large scale enterprises. We are working as a leading legal service provider for Public Limited Company registration in Pune. Since the team of expert consultants and superior advisors offer highly exclusive services, but their fees are very nominal and extremely result-driven. They enable an organization to market its shares to the stockholder for gathering funds.

A Public Limited Company Registration requires at least three owners or directors that are more when contrasted to the minimum number of members needed for an LLP or Pvt Ltd Company.

Seven is the least count of the required associates for public limited firms where no cap is required beyond the highest count of associates. An organization in India can be consolidated in a public limited company by a minimum of seven members. Get public limited company registration successful headache freely with the experts here. It will hardly take ten days for the complete procedure to be implemented and executed effectively.

Advantages of Registering Public Limited Company

  • Growing Share Funds
  • Quickly make appropriations
  • Stockholders can purchase and market their shares
  • Adaptability in the share transfer
  • Public Limited Company handles its operations in a well-managed approach
  • The Public Limited Company has a lower risk or uncertainty in business because the stockholders in it are more in number
  • Admittance to secure financing to public limited company registration in Pune
  • Banks quickly grants credits to PLC in the form of loan due to its higher trustworthiness

Basic Requirements for PLC Registration

  • At least three directors are obliged to register or create a PLC
  • A minimum of seven part-owners are required for a public limited company registration
  • The least share capital of Rs. Five Lakhs is necessary

Documents needed for Consolidating PLC

  • All the stockholders & directors must need to show Proof of Address
  • ID proof of all the directors and part-owners
  • AOA & MOA
  • PAN Card number of stockholders & directors
  • All the directors should have DSC & DIN

How to Register for a Public Limited Company


The initial step in public limited company registration is to approve/ reserve the firm name. The suggested name chosen should do not include any word or phrase that is outlawed under the Companies Act 2013. An authorized company name is legal for 20 days from the endorsement date, for a new firm. It is approved to apply for one RSUB (Resubmission), and two suggested company names at the time of booking the company names that are unique for organizations practicing the RUN web service.


The PLC application is registered online, and the stockholders and directors of the PLC are necessarily obliged to sign the documents. So Digital Signature Certificate is needed to be taken for the PLC stockholder & directors, who are needed to sign the online public limited company registration form before listing company consolidation application. Address proof, ID proof, and Photo are needed for DSC issuance in addition to the DSC application form.


DIN is Director Identification Number - it is unique to all and is issued by ROC (Registrar of the Companies) to become a company director. Then we have to file an application with address and identity proof rightfully attested by CA/CMA/CS.


The ROC may need the candidate to provide the permission or agreement of any jurisdiction, proper authority, regulatory body, or Ministry of the State/ Central Government about the task to be performed.


Application for consolidation or registration of PLC is made to ROC along with Article & Memorandum of Associations, affidavits, declaration, and much more. At least seven members are needed for the consolidation of a PLC.


Registrar of the Companies then investigates the documents & form of incorporation, if ROC affirms that all the documents are valid as per the requirements, issues Incorporation Certificate that is known as the Public Limited Company Registration certificate. After getting the Incorporation certification, the PLC is placed to begin its operations.


TAN and PAN are concurrently applied along with forms of public limited company registration in Pune; they are allotted with Incorporation Certificate.


On Incorporation Certificate submission and other required documents, the bank allows the company to open a current account, needed to streamline the functioning of the firm.



all inclusive fees

Public limited company registration including 3 DSC, 3 DIN, 1 RUN Name Approval, 1 Lakhs Authorised Capital, PAN, TAN and tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE.


all inclusive fees

Public limited company registration including 2 DSC, 2 DIN, 1 RUN Name Approval, 1 Lakhs Authorised Capital, PAN, TAN, Share Certificates, Company Kit, GST registration, tax compliance Application - KAR COMPLIANCE and Consulatncy on business setup upto 2 hours.