TAN stands for Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number.It is a ten digit alphanumeric number.Every assesse liable to deduct TDS is required to apply for a TAN number and shall quote this number in all TDS Returns,Payments and any comunication regarding TDS.It is mandatory for all asseesee's liable to deduct TDS and failure to do so attracts a penalty of Rs.10,000.

How to get a TAN number

Are you looking for how to get tan number? What is TAN Number? TAN number is and your tax deduction and collection account number (TAN). It is your 10-digit alphanumeric number. The TAN number is required for all TDS returns under the section of 203A according to the income tax act, 1961. The TAN number is needed, that person who is responsible for tax deducting and collecting all tax.

Why TAN number is necessary

As we mentioned above, the TAN number is needed for quoting for filing TDS/TCS and annual information of returns, payment. If the TAN number was not quoting then return file are not accepted by the country. And the bank will not be receiving your challahs for TDS payment. It needs to be mentioned in case the, who are required TAN number does not apply for it. Then it may be against the Indian law and maybe fill penalty of minimum 15000 INR.

Structure of TAN number

The structure of the TAN number is the 10-digit alphanumeric number. This structure has been recently using. According to the main structure of the TAN number in use as follow- the first four characters are a letter, and the next five characters are number.

How to search TAN number

  • Visit official website
  • Click know on your TAN number
  • Select the name under the search bar
  • Select the category of the payee
  • Select state
  • Mob- number
  • Hit on continue
  • Accept one-time-password
  • Validate

How to register for TAN number for new user

For knowing the TAN number, it is not difficult for the new user to log on the income tax website.

  • Visit the income tax official website.
  • Register yourself
  • Select user type in the according to of your screen and hit the click button
  • That will provide all information about you like PAN, bank detail, id proof, address proof.
  • Fill the registration application and hit the continue button
  • Follow the next step corresponding to your computer.
  • Complete your all procedure and done all applicant requirement.

How the TAN number is different from the TAN number

The PAN (permanent account number) is necessary for the income tax return, and the TAN number is essential for a tax deduction and deduction of TDS or collect TCS under the government of India in income tax act.

How to get a TAN number

Here you will know how to get tan number; How you can apply for TAN number and can fill TAN number application. Even now in India, the TAN number deduct and collect, and account number help you to get a TAN number. You know this is called tax deduction number. The Indian income tax department also issues a TAN number.

Online TAN application form

To apply TAN number application form, first, you have to go NSDL website and fill the TAN number application of 49B. Before the filling use, a description list will be appearing on your computer screen. First, you have to read all the information that was seen in the description box.

  • Place of your signature
  • Payment description
  • 14 digit your application number
  • Name of the applicant
  • Applicant status
  • Application status, that means why you are filling the application

Fill all detail as an applicant like photo id, id proof, e-mail, phone number,
After you will fill your form and make your payment using the method. When you click the submit of your application some acknowledgment screen will appear in a few seconds. You have to learn all the information and make out a print of your use after filling procedure is done.

Offline TAN application form

If you are not available to the online filing process, then you fill your application by offline. First, you have to get from no 49B from the local vendor or income tax network facilitation. If you no problem to download it, then you go to the official website of TAN and open form no 49B online. Take the print of the application.

Fill the application by yourself and send it to its destination.

If you want to get any information about to the TAN number, then you have to obtain by the contacting this number (022-24994650) Or you can visit website @tininfo@nsdl.co.in

You must know that if the government procedure and this article make for only help. You are doing something against by law. You will be arrested and court fine guilty then you have to punish for it.

Who Can Apply?

  1. Central /State Government/Local Authority
  2. Statutory /Autonomous bodies
  3. Company/Branch/Division of a company
  4. Individual (Sole Proprietorship) / Branch of individual business
  5. Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)
  6. Firm / Branch of firm
  7. Association of Persons/Body of Individuals/ Association of Persons (Trusts)/Artificial Juridical Person

Application Procedure for TAN

  1. Any of above applicant will fill Form 49B online and submit the form.
    • The deductor / collector must fill up Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number.If you don’t know the these details then click on the Don’t know AO details and Search on City (by selecting the appropriate alphabet)
    • Designation of the person responsible for making payment / collection tax’ field is mandatory to fill up, wherever applicable.
    • The address of applicant should be an Indian Address only.
  2. Make the payment at end of the application through cheque/DD/Credit Card/Net Banking and submit.
  3. After making payment and clicking on submit button, Applicant will see a confirmation screen with all the data filled by him.
  4. Applicant can confirm the data and submit or edit if any changes required in application.
  5. After submitting the final confirmation applicant will see the acknowledge screen which consists of;
    • A unique 14-digit acknowledgment number
    • Status of applicant
    • Name of applicant
    • Contact details (address, e-mail and telephone number)
    • Payment details
    • Space for signature
  6. Applicant shall save and print this acknowledgment